Mongo playground got the result I want but in local the query doesn't work

I have tried query on Mongo playground and Local , the result is not same , I am using Mongo atlas 4.2.8 enterprise here and u can see on Mongo Playground here
is that something wrong maybe on my query? or is this because of what?

Hi @Virtual_Database,

Can you share the atlas result and confirm if you need it to be compared with:

   "_id": ObjectId("5f1284078a7dd8a6b9140c97"),
   "out": [
       "_id": ObjectId("5f1284078a7dd8a6b9140c95"),
       "accessLevel": "organization_admin",
       "status": true,
       "title": "CEO"
   "_id": ObjectId("5f1284078a7dd8a6b8140c99"),
   "out": []


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