Mongo Operation Timeout for Insert/Update operations

Does Mongo have any option using which update/insert operations can be timed-out? Is MaxTimeMS only supported by query operations or write operations as well?

Can wTimeout option be used for this? If write concern is set to the majority and a timeout occurs, does mongo roll back the changes? Even after timeout can it be written to other replicas?

If wtimeout with write concern majority guarantees that it is not written to the majority, can reading the database using read concern majority guarantees that records with timeout are not read?

my use case is I want to write some data within a certain interval and return a response with a guarantee on whether the data is written or not.

Answered in Wtimeout - What happens if it is exceeded, to the data written? - #5 by Kobe_W

A timeout on read can be different from a timeout on write, and a timeout on client side can be different from a timeout on server. so understand the exact meaning is sometimes important.

for example:

timeout on client for write:
→ i will only wait for this amount of time for the server’s response. and in that ase I don’t know if the write actually succeeds or not

timeout on server for write:
→ i will only allocate this amount of time for this write task, and if it times out, i will try to cancel it (some databases do this, some don’t) if possible. But the write may still succeed eventually (cancelling an async operation is difficult).