Mongo Java Driver Deserialization error when using Projections

I’m using Mongo Java Driver 3.12 and have configured AutomaticPojoCodec. I’m writing a query which requests selected fields using Projections.include but while deserialization I get error Could not construct new instance of: CaseDocument. Missing the following properties: [owner, requester, resolver, resolveByTime, creationTime, issue].

@FieldDefaults(makeFinal = true)
class CaseDocument {
    private long caseId;
    private long creationTime;

    private long resolveByTime;

    private CaseOwner owner;

    private CaseCustomer customer;

    private CaseIssue issue;

    private CaseRequester requester;

    private CaseResolver resolver;

    public CaseDocument() {
        // All Args Constructor

In my query, I’m only requesting customer property using Projections.include(Arrays.asList("customer")). I’ve verified that data is present in DB and is not null. Why MongoDB is not able to deserialize in this scenario?

I see that the question is quite old, but I had similar issue and want to help anyone who will struggle with same.
Here, instead of primitive types (long in this case), use wrapper (java.lang.Long). In this case, if field is not specified in projection, these fields will be deserialized as nulls
The error is quite missleading, as it mentions not the fields which actually have the issue, but all unspecified fields