Mongo Export Failing

Im trying to backup my Cloud:MongoDB Atlas Cluster.

As of now my logical size less than 100MB
I am using the M0 cluster to host my databases.
I have multiple collections within the database.
One of the collections accounts for 80% of the logical size

My current idea is to create a backup of the collections using a ps1 file on task schduler.
To employ this idea I had created a script that uses mongoexport

$backupCommand = "mongoexport --uri='$mongoURI' --out='$backupFile' --db='$db_to_backup' --collection='$collection'"

However for that one huge collection within the DB, it is unable to be fully exported and the connection is terminated at any point during the export.

2024-06-20T10:28:49.663+0800    [........................]  db.collection  0/305251  (0.0%)
2024-06-20T10:28:50.670+0800    [........................]  db.collection  0/305251  (0.0%)
2024-06-20T10:28:50.932+0800    [........................]  db.collection  101/305251  (0.0%)
2024-06-20T10:28:50.933+0800    Failed: connection([-10]) incomplete read of message header: read tcp LOCAL.IP:MONOGO_PORT->CLOUD.IP:CLOUD_PORT: wsarecv: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.

This error is happening at random points, sometimes it can be at 30% of the data or it could be at 70%. The connection. In the excrpt above it happend at 0.0%. The other collections with a lesser amount of data are able to be properly backed up.

I have had cases where I ran this exact script and it was able to backup the full collection. However, it took at least 10 minutes to run, which seems long for a <100mb database.
I have tried mongodump but it leads to the same error, even if i try to archive or gzip the output.
Im wondering if Im doing something wrong or would I need to setup something on my cluster to allow this.


  • I am not hitting the connection limit of 500, my connections fluctuate at around 50-100
  • My internet speed is above 100mbps
  • I dont plan on upgrading my mongo cluster

Thank you in advance for any help.

Hello, welcome to MongoDB Community!

Can you share your options on URI ?

Note> For good practice, we end up using mongodump to backup your instance, it tends to be faster and better ;D