Mongo.exe file not found in "C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\6.0\bin". I also install the tools but did not found mongo.exe

I install the mongoDB community server one and I also added bin folder to path.
But in bin folder i did not found the mongo.exe.
There is mongod.exe but not mongo.exe.
So I am not able to make sure how to install it properly.
Can anyone please help me in this.

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Gaurav_Singh6 !

The legacy mongo shell is no longer included in server packages as of MongoDB 6.0. mongo has been superseded by the new MongoDB Shell (mongosh) which is available separately: Download and Install mongosh.

The MongoDB Compass admin GUI should be installed by default if you are using the Windows .msi installer. Compass includes mongosh as an Embedded MongoDB Shell so you may not need the separate mongosh download unless you prefer to work from a command line environment.

If Compass hasn’t been installed yet, you should be able to install it by double-clicking on the InstallCompass PowerShell script in your MongoDB server bin directory (this is the second item in your directory listing above). You can also Download MongoDB Compass from the MongoDB Download Centre.


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