Mongo.exe file is missing in bin folder

i have been facing the same problem, mongo.exe file is missing in bin folder, not getting any way to find the solution to this problem

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Welcome to the MongoDB community @ketan_k !

Can you provide some more details on your environment:

  • version of MongoDB server installed
  • your O/S version

If you are installing MongoDB 6.0 or newer, the legacy mongo shell is no longer included. Depending on your O/S and install options you may have mongosh (the new MongoDB shell) and/or MongoDB Compass (an admin GUI including an embedded version of mongosh).

You can also Download MongoDB Tools from the MongoDB Download Centre if they are not already installed.


Similar issue:

Same issue here, using VS Code and wants to connect to the mongo shell. Unable to find mongosh.exe in version 6.0. These are files I could find in the “bin” folder:

*PS C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\6.0\bin> ls*
*Directory: C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\6.0\bin*

*Mode                 LastWriteTime         Length Name*
*----                 -------------         ------ ----*
*-a----        05-07-2022     18:40           1558 InstallCompass.ps1*
*-a----        12-08-2022     13:41            605 mongod.cfg*
*-a----        05-07-2022     20:15       55887872 mongod.exe*
*-a----        05-07-2022     20:15      832090112 mongod.pdb*
*-a----        05-07-2022     20:22       34573824 mongos.exe*
*-a----        05-07-2022     20:22      464392192 mongos.pdb*


You can open the InstallCompass.ps1 PowerShell script to install MongoDB Compass (which includes an embedded version of mongosh, the new MongoDB Shell) or download the MongoDB Shell from the the MongoDB Download Center: MongoDB Shell Download | MongoDB

@SAURAV_KUMAR The referenced issue is a similar problem (the legacy mongo shell is no longer included with MongoDB 6.0) for a different O/S environment. Per Install MongoDB Community Edition on Ubuntu, there is a mongodb-mongosh Ubuntu package for the new MongoDB shell.


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