Mongo DB Storage Cost Structure

Hola! I am new to Mongo DB, in my organization I have a task to analyze where the majority of the Mongo DB pricing is focused on. I have gone through our billing invoices. Though most part of it is self explanatory I am not able to grasp the part of Storage eg: They have a component called - Atlas Standard Storage - AWS with 1000000 GB hours @ $0.000208/ GB hour which leads to 208 dollars. I am sure i don’t have 1000,000 GB i.e. 1 PB in my DB. Just wanted to know how this part is calculated. This is for month February (We have couple of M30 instances running). Can someone help me out in understanding the billing structure for storage with the ‘GB hours’ concept? Thanks in Advance

Hi Ram,

Great question: the key can be. found in the units you mentioned: “GB hours”. This is the # of GB that you’ve got in each hour, times the number of hours.

As an example if you had a 100 GB volume per node on a three node replica set for a week, you would calculate the number of GB hours by multiplying 100 GB * 3 nodes * 7 days * 24 hours = 50,400 GB hours

I hope that helps

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Hi Andrew,

Thanks so much for this explanation. Yes this helps :slight_smile: !

  • Ram

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