Mongo DB services crashing

I installed mongo db community software , latest 5.0, on windows server 2016 standard edition. For some reason mongo services stopping automatically just afer 2 mins it started … please help me …


Help us help you :slight_smile:
Is there anything in the mongodb logs?
Is this a fresh installation or an upgrade?

Also relevant for the 5.0 release is the changes in supported cpu microarchitectures. If MongoDB 4.4 runs and 5.0 does not this is likely the issue.


MongoDB requires the following minimum x86_64 microarchitectures: [2]

  • For Intel x86_64 , MongoDB requires one of:
    • a Sandy Bridge or later Core processor, or
    • a Tiger Lake or later Celeron or Pentium processor.
  • For AMD x86_64 , MongoDB requires:
    • a Bulldozer or later processor.

[2] MongoDB 5.0 requires use of the AVX instruction set, available on select Intel and AMD processors

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