Mongo DB Java Learning

Hi ,

Please can anyone suggest me a good tutorial which I can use to practice Mongo DB Java driver apart from the one section that we have in the Mongo DB university

Reason, In my first attempt for Mongo DB Developer Associate, I felt the Java driver questions were challenging and thought would need more practice.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there, I passed the develolper exam recently and I can give you some tips without disclosing the actual exam content. In summary, my experience is lab is far more important than practicing multiple choice questions.

  1. My experience is, the developer exam adheres pretty well to the exam objectives of the exam guide. You shouldn’t need to study anything extra.
  2. When you go through the exam objectives, think more about the edge cases. For example, objective 1.2 on _id, try if a date can be an _id? Can array or regex be an _id? On 2.1 insert many, try inserting two documents with the same _id? Try inserting a document with a date or timestamp? Don’t worry too much about the rich parameter options.
  3. Be clear about some concpetual constructs, for example collection, cursor, and materialized arrays. The methods are different. Also the differences between RDBMS and Mongo.

I personally wrote a 20-page notes for this exam. It is comparable to an associate level in other technology products. It’s not something you can nail in a day, but it is definitely not that difficult.

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