Mongo db error while inserting data using postman and node.js

hello i meet this error when trying to insert data using post man


    "err": {

        "ok": 0,

        "code": 8000,

        "codeName": "AtlasError",

        "name": "MongoError"



here is my db connection

const mongoose = require('mongoose');


    .connect('mongodb+srv://'+process.env.USER_DB_PASS + '',


            useNewurlParser: true,

            useCreateIndex: true,

            useUnifiedTopology: true,

            useFindAndModify: true




    .then(() => console.log('connected to Mongo'))

    .catch((err) => console.log("Failded to connect to MongoDB".err))

can some one help me?

Hi Destin,

I’m sorry this is happening to you: have you opened a support case? That is a better way to get urgent assistance.