Mongo DB Charts dashboard malfunction

Hi. Since this morning all my dashboards look different. The colors are not applied according to the color palette , the order of the fields are scrambled and the series does not display on bar charts. Was there an update or is there one in progress?

There was an update, but it shouldn’t have broken your charts. Can you show an example? If you don’t want to share publicly you can email me at tom.hollander at

No not a problem I can share it here.

The numbers are not centered either.

Ah right. This was a deliberate design change - previously when you mapped aggregation channels with no category channel, it resulted in a single bar with multiple series. Now it shows each value as a category. If you want the old behaviour you could add a calculated field with am empty string value and put that in the category channel. Sorry for breaking your charts… We think the new behaviour is more sensible most of the time, but I see that the change was unexpected/unwanted in your case.

Regarding the off centre numbers, we’ll need to look into that.


Sorry im not sure I follow. Does this influence the colors as well? I have about 10 dashboards with 25 charts in each mostly bar. Does this mean I have to change each one? Also when you move the fields the formatting disappears like in this photo and it goes back to showing all the decimals. How do you mean adding a empty string. Like this?

Is there anywhere where I can read up on the new changes?

Release notes should be updated in a few hours

Okay thanks. Until then can you just give me an example of adding the empty string please. So I still want my data after aggregation to show just as an average , i then use the filter toe let clients view the records on different dates. Showing it like this with 40-50 documents will become messy.

So my idea was to do something like this:

Here I’m using $addFields in the query bar to create the null category. Will that work for you?


If I try doing that like this.

This happens.

Yeah there also seems to be a problem with empty strings. Try making it a space.
Sorry about the issues - we’ll make sure we get these addressed.

Okay thanks , yes that works. The only thing that it influences is that on the x axis it doesn’t show the values of the categories but it shows in the series so its not a train smash.

Great that you’ve got something workable!
For charts with no category channel, I’m pretty sure we never showed the category labels on the axis. The new behaviour does this - but since it’s a single series chart you can’t show each bar in its own colour, which I presume is what you’re after.
Thanks for taking the time to show your scenarios - we’ll try not to unleash any surprises like this next time!


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Yes thanks back to normal :grinning: . Yes you are correct there was no label on the axis. Will go through the release notes and adapt the aggregation for future charts.

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