Mongo Db Atlas CLI

Please how do I start a mongoldb atlas cli

You can start from this tutorial (install mongodb-atlas-cli) and connect to an existing Atlas account

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Hi I’m trying to open the atlas cli shell to log into my previously made cluster

try to follow those steps

I have the atlas cli installed already but I’m unable to open the atlas shell cli

Hello @Poise_Paul
can you please elaborate on the steps how you try to open the shell and, in case, which error you get.
When you post code/log messages please have a look on this quick guide from @Stennie_X Formatting code and log snippets in posts

It should be said that if you’re under the impression that you can access brew, npm, or install of mongo-atlas-cli from the IDE. This is the the source of your error. You will have to go into your terminal or native command line for your device, and use either homebrew or some equivalent to download the mongodb atlas CLI on your device.

Thereafter, you will perform the steps in the instructions whereby it is recommended that you create a new email and password to manage this account. Upon which, you will run the first line of code from the 1st step and when you press on Mongo Authentication, and login. It will prompt you to enter the registration code that it provided from running the first line of code. After which, the IDE will check that you have connected your native CLI to the Atlas CLI, and you can click next because you’ve completed this stage of the practice.