Mongo command not found with v6.0 CE

I have installed mongodb CE 6.0 on redhat 8
in the old system we have : 5.0.5 we have mongo as a command in /usr/bin
in the new system : I can nowhere find this command in any location
I installed server-shell-tools
is any additional package/command needed ?
thanks for all answers, best regards, Guy

these are the packages installed
rpm -qa |grep -i mongo

Hi @Guy_Przytula,

The legacy mongo shell is no longer included in server packages as of MongoDB 6.0. mongo has been superseded by the new MongoDB Shell ( mongosh ) which you appear to have installed by way of mongodb-mongosh-shared-openssl11-1.5.4-1.el8.x86_64.

If you prefer an admin GUI, you can also Download MongoDB Compass from the MongoDB Download Centre. Compass includes an an Embedded MongoDB Shell (which is mongosh).


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many thanks for the answer…
best regards, Guy

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