Mongo Charts not able process request

Hi All,

I have created docker container from “” and i am using mongodb version 3.4.26. I created user from mongo cli but when I am trying to login, I am getting below error in stitch.log

Error flushing log item; error: an API RequestLogItem requires a domainIDHash {"api_type": "client", "co_id": "5f62421f276f1bb679fefeww", "http_remote_addr": "", "http_proto": "HTTP/1.0", "http_method": "POST", "http_path": "/api/client/v2.0/app/mongodb-charts-isaby/auth/providers/local-userpass/login", "http_pattern": "/app/:client_app_id/auth/providers/:auth_provider_name/login", "http_status": 500

Hi @VenkataNikhil_Thonda and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

MongoDB 3.4 is VERY old now and MongoDB Charts needs at least 3.6. It’s specified in the documentation.

While you are at it… I would suggest upgrading to MongoDB 4.4. MongoDB 3.4 was released in Nov 2016 and isn’t supported since January 2020.


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