Mongo charts is displaying incorrect data for some fields

Our Mongo Charts dashboard has recently (last few days) started acting very wonky, but only for certain charts.

We have a chart which displays a field “tsOrderBookUpdated”. This chart is now (seemingly at random) sometimes displaying the correct contents of this field but other times using the value of a different field “tsScreenComplete”. The chart configuration clearly shows the former field is referenced here. The chart hover popup clearly shows that the former field is being referenced. Yet the value is frequently taken from the latter field.

Furthermore, examining the data for that particular point (“show data for this item”) indicates that the document has the correct values, yet nevertheless, the value from the latter field is rendered in the chart.

What’s really strange about this is that the same chart has both correct and incorrect values in it!

This is a private dashboard so I can’t really share many details but I would be more than happy to share additional privately for debugging purposes.

HI @centos7, It would be difficult to investigate this without more details. Could you please talk to support and lodge a ticket for us to investigate?