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Hey everybody! I have a couple of questions about using Mongo Charts on a free tier of Mongo Atlas.

  1. It is unclear for me what would happen if I exceed 1 GB limit of a data transfer. Did I get any alert if I am near the limit or it doesn’t inform you at all about it and just charge you? Also as I am on a free tier I haven’t provided any billing information so what actually would happen in a such situation?

  2. Is it possible to check how much of a data transfer is used by each chart?

  3. It is connected to the question 2. I am a little bit suprised by the amount of data transfer in my dashboard. I have a dashboard with 10 charts. And it is half of February and I used 0.45 GB of the data transfer. I have a couple of numeric charts and bar charts that should not use that much of a transfer. I also have one heatmap and a map of my sample location that I suspect for eating all of my transfer. So my question is, is it normal?

  4. Is it possible to fine tune auto refresh of charts? For example to only refresh charts at specific time of a day or only do it during the working hours.

I have asked the charts team to respond. They should get back to you tomorrow (they are in Australia and about to knock off for the day).

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Hi @Mateusz_Jundzill -

  1. If you exceed the 1GB monthly bandwidth allowance, billing kicks in. You can track your usage of the free tier on the Charts Settings page but there isn’t any alert when you go past the threshold. However if you are a free tier Atlas user we don’t currently take any action if you exceed the 1GB threshold.

  2. and 3. The meter measures the amount of data transferred out of the Charts server, so the browser dev tools or similar should give you a good indication. A number chart or a bar chart with few bars should not use much data; it’s normally large tables or scatter charts that are the heaviest. Heatmaps may also be largeish depending on the number of categories. Also the more times your charts are rendered/refreshed, the more the meter will tick over. But keep in mind that the overage is only $1 for each additional GB so the overall cost of the service is usually much lower than alternative options, even if you do go beyond the free tier.

  3. Today you can influence the refresh the behaviour on the Dashboard Refresh Settings page, or by using the maxDataAge parameters for embedded charts. We are also planning on building a mechanism that will let you schedule dashboard refreshes at specific times as you suggested.



Thank you @tomhollander for your answer. Everything is clear now!

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