Mongo Charts and Query parameters

Good day, just playing with Charts and while there is a develpment process to filter charts in embeded charts I wanted to figure out if there are URL Query string parameter abilites in the native Mongo charts?

Essentially I have charts around similar data. In this case it’s “sales” data and there are locations across Canada/US. Nothing that comples, I’m not that smart. However, to this point, I’m wondering if I can dynamically filter the chart with a URL parameter.

For example: A set of users us the same URL, but has a different Query parameter for someID.

for example. One set of users would get this URL:

Another set can get another filterd version with a different ID:

Basically the collection is partitioned/filtered on “some_id” but use the same dashboard.

Is that possible out of the box or do I have to start hosting a website and embed the iFrames? Which I realize I’ll eventually have to do, but at this moment I’d love to know if it’s possible out of the box.

Thanks in advance!!

Hi @Colin_Poon_Tip -

There isn’t any ability to filter charts or dashboards in the main product via query strings. You can however use Dashboard Filtering to provide UI controls that allow users to see different information on the charts. Using query strings to control dashboard filtering is an interesting feature request; you might want to raise it at to see if others are also interested in the idea.


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Thanks for your wisdom Tom!! I’m finding some quirks as i go;)

Much appreciated.

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