Mongo BI Connector

I am trying to connect Mongo BI connector to PowerBI. I am using a server based database, but not able to connect that database to the ODBC Driver. The server database has been set up and reflects on my MongoDB Compass GUI, but is not being able to get picked up from mongosqld.

Mongosqld picks up the local database files I had downloded a while ago, but is not able to configure to the server database. My BI connector works perfectly fine with my local DBs, but is not connecting to the server DB.

As attached in the screenshots below, you can see my database cronjob in my compass GUI, but when I try to direct the connector to it, it picks up the other sample “Airlines” database I had loaded on earlier. Please do help. Thank You.

I think your mongosqld uses a config file
What is the uri it is pointing to?

Thank you for the prompt reply Ramachandra. The config file that comes with the installation (example.yml). Is this the file you are talking about, or do you recommend using any other file. I have attached a screenshot of the uri the config file is pointing to. The port I am working on is 27018, but the uri is pointing to 27017. Do you recommend switching that?
Please do help. Thank you.

It is pointing to localhost
It is not just port you have to give your cluster address:port
Please check this link.

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