Mongo Atlas new version migrate without any indication or notification

I am using the Mongo Atlas version 4.2 with my production site from last 6 months and all queries I have written are compatible with 4.2

Suddenly from tomorrow 28/01/2021, My Mongo Atlas version changed to 4.4 without any indication and approval. On our live site users facing issue for accessing the features.

Is there any proper way to handle it? Any suggestion? I don’t want to use the latest version as my site working fine with the version I using. When I want to use new features I definitely need to upgrade version and during that, I am going to check the compatibility with the existing system as well

But without indication, I never want to use the latest version of Mongo Atlas database.

Do you have any idea about the frustration level of my team, my client or many other people who attached to the application. Even we don’t know how much part of application break or stop working.

Hi @JD_Old7,

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Major version upgrade should definitely not be triggered without a user approval or intention. (Only in case of a hard stop for version End Of Life but its not the case for 4.2 for sure).

I would suggest opening a high saverity case for our support to investigate the course of events.

To downgrade a cluster you will have to create a new cluster on 4.2 and either restore a backup from 4.2 or live migrate the current deployment.

Having said that, consider upgrading your drivers and try to run sanity checks as it might work for you.


Hi Jaydipsinh,

Pavel is referring to our M10+ clusters where you select the version.

I suspect you are referring to our shared tier clusters which are not version-configurable. We sent a series of heads-up email-based notices to users of our shared tier clusters over the last few months notifying that the upgrade to 4.4 was coming.

We greatly regret the instability this has caused you: 99% of applications experience no change between 4.2 and 4.4 and we’re making improvements to deliver more version to version stability in future.

We have clearly failed you here and I regret that. We will be in touch via email to ensure that we investigate whether somehow you may not have received our heads-up notices (that would not be acceptable).

I will also ask you for your current state by email as our support team is here to help.


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