Mongo Atlas Connectivity - Drivers vs Atlas Data API

Is there any recommendation on what should be used to connect to Atlas from .NET, Java etc?

As per the documentation on Atlas, the data API is a managed middleware layer which would sit between my app and the database. This seems like additional overhead and may add to the response time (to the browser/mobile) for my application.

Any thoughts on this?


Hi Prasad,

Your intuition is spot on. If you’re building a server-side application on .NET or Java then you should use the MongoDB C# ( and Java ( drivers respectively to do so. Building your own server-side backend maximizes for flexibility and allows you to optimize for performance.

The Atlas App Services capabilities offer a customizable managed API tier which is essentially an alternative to building your own server-side backend. The Data API ( offers a specific set of data plane methods whereas Custom HTTPS Endpoints ( and the GraphQL option ( allow you to define custom business logic).


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