Mongo Atlas CLI

Hi all

Following the notes from:


atlas deployments list
Error: exit status 125:

This is on ARM based MBP
Note: I a logged in.


Hi George,

Thanks for sharing it. Have you had a chance to try troubleshooting steps?

Additionally, does this error occur also on other commands, e.g. “atlas deployments setup”?
If so, could you run the affected command with “–debug” and share the output?


atlas deployments setup seems to be working…

Thanks for checking it.
What was the output of troubleshooting steps I’ve shared in my previous message?

sorry, havent gotten to the steps, been a bit side swiped with work, will try and get to it today.


quickly had a look and notice you use podman for atlas deployments, I don’t have podman installed, only use docker on my MAC.

but the curious thing, all i’m doing is a atlas list, which at min should respond with my atlas environment in the cloud.