Mongo 4.4 install problem on 9.2

Hi, I’m tryin to install mongo 4.4 using this guide

How to Install MongoDB on Rocky Linux 9: A Step-by-Step Tutorial (

I created the repo file, and when I try to install

sudo dnf install -y mongodb-org
Last metadata expiration check: 0:18:32 ago on Mon 13 Nov 2023 10:00:00 PM +08.
No match for argument: mongodb-org
Error: Unable to find a match: mongodb-org

sudo dnf repolist
repo id repo name
appstream Rocky Linux 9 - AppStream
baseos Rocky Linux 9 - BaseOS
epel Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 9 - x86_64
epel-cisco-openh264 Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux 9 openh264 (From Cisco) - x86_64
extras Rocky Linux 9 - Extras
mongodb-org-4.4 MongoDB Repository

I can install mongo 6 fine with same method. I see in mongo repo has for 4.4 for redhat 9

MongoDB Repositories

This matrix shows that Rocky 9.0+ isn’t compatible


ok thanks. Funny I can find a guide for it.

Change the uri from 9 to 8 you get the exact same content except that 9 is replaced with 8.

I guess they’re going for page hits over reliable content.