Mongo 4.4.8 WiredTiger checkpointer log spamming stdout?

I got MongoDB 4.4.8 configured (I guess my Ubuntu 18.04 server doesn’t support 5 as I had heaps of core dump problems with it).

Everything appears to be functioning, except I keep getting this ONE log message spammed to stdout every 60 seconds.

{“t”:{"$date":“2021-08-31T14:49:08.549-06:00”},“s”:“I”, “c”:“STORAGE”, “id”:22430, “ctx”:“WTCheckpointThread”,“msg”:“WiredTiger message”,“attr”:{“message”:"[1630442948:549478][16969:0x7fa8403b3700], WT_SESSION.checkpoint: [WT_VERB_CHECKPOINT_PROGRESS] saving checkpoint snapshot min: 13, snapshot max: 13 snapshot count: 0, oldest timestamp: (0, 0) , meta checkpoint timestamp: (0, 0) base write gen: 347"}}

I believe this is something to do with the journaling - but even if I edit /etc/mongo.conf to have journaling set to false, I still get this spammed after restarting.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

This is likely due to the CPU requirements not being met. See minimum-microarchitecture.

It is part of wired tiger persisting data and it is independent of journaling. Journaling will persist the data between checkpoints: snapshots-and-checkpoints

There is nothing to fix, this is normal operation, it is an informational log only.

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But it is EXTREMELY annoying and I want it to quit doing it.

I am trying to type commands in the shell and I keep getting these messages in the middle of typing a command. It is extremely annoying to say the least. I don’t want the wiredtiger to stop, I simply want to stop the 60 second spamming that it does to the shell.

Hi @Joel_Swanson and welcome,

Based on what you have described, it sounds like you are sharing one terminal/shell for both mongod and mongo shell (or mongosh) by putting mongod on the background process. In addition, keeping the default setting of the output log of mongod to STDOUT.

You could specify –logpath ‘path_to_directory’ as a parameter to mongod. This would send all logging information to a log file instead of STDOUT.


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That is exactly what I was doing and using logpath fixes my issue. Thank you.

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