🌟 Moin moin from Michael

Hi all,

my name is Michael, I am an Independent IT consultant, certified SCRUM Master, I’ve been working with MongoDB since the 2.4 times and was a part of the MongoDB Masters program and have been chosen to be one of the MongoDB Champions.

I am looking back on 20+ years of IT experience. Most of the years I have spent in backend development and operations, jumped on the DevOps train and agile project management.

I support engineering teams to design, build and deploy performant and scalable MongoDB applications. I foster the adoption of MongoDB, engage the open source community and provide technical support for business decisions.

My path started on mainframes, went thru all phases of the classic software life cycle and various sorts of databases. In 2014 I got the first MongoDB project, since then I always try to get MongoDB projects as DBA or for conceptual MDB work, often including a PoC. Not seldom I end up handing the real stuff over and taking the role of a SCRUM Master for an implementation phase.

Fun part: I can not stay in pure coordination tasks, need to constantly try things out and get my hands “dirty” at the console …

I am looking forward to share what I can and to learn from everyone.



Hi @Michael glad to see you around here. I hope you’re doing well.

Welcome Michael! Glad to have you here. :partying_face:

Willkommen @Michael! Haven’t officially welcomed you on your thread, so here we are! :slightly_smiling_face: