Mogodb Spark Connector latest (10.2.x/Upcoming) - Issue with isJsonObjectOrArray method when using convertJson option: any or OBJECT_OR_ARRAY_ONLY

MongoDB Spark Connector has a bug in the method: isJsonObjectOrArray
Method: isJsonObjectOrArray (Line: 221)

Issue: Code always assumes string is not empty and access index 0/1. So when data has empty string ‘’ , get error: Can not convert to Bson, Index out of range

Suggested Fix: Its just bool method checking if value should be converted to BSON or not. Just returning false on empty strings will do?

OR provide easier way to just convert ONLY specified column to convert to BSON. We only need to use this for one column - Id to ObjectId - But as its not supported, we have to use it as top-level option that applies to all Object/Arrays.

Suggested Fix is very simple. Is there a way to get hot fix release, if we have support plan?

Below fix I tried on cloned repo and tested - Seems to fix this issue:
Added first 3 lines below to method: isJsonObjectOrArray

Is it possible to get this fix applied to mongo-spark connector repo and get updated .jar file?

private static boolean isJsonObjectOrArray(final String data) {
    if (data == null || data.isEmpty() || data.length() < 2) {
      return false;
    char firstChar = data.charAt(0);
    char lastChar = data.charAt(data.length() - 1);
    return (firstChar == JSON_OBJECT_START && lastChar == JSON_OBJECT_END)
        || (firstChar == JSON_ARRAY_START && lastChar == JSON_ARRAY_END);

Hi @JTBS , Thanks for sharing your fix. we will be releasing a new version of the Spark connector in the near future; and will evaluate this issue for inclusion in the new release