Modifing database tier


I am trying to upgrade my cluster tier from M10 to M20 with atlas cli.
I am using the command:
atlas cluster upgrade <cluster-name> --tier M20 --diskSizeGB 100 --mdbVersion 6.0

and I am getting: 400 (request "INVALID_JSON_ATTRIBUTE") Received JSON for the providerSettings attribute does not match expected format.

The docs are very clean and easy to understand but I can’t figure why this is not working.
I logged in with an api key with permissions of Project Cluster Manager and I can describe my dbs , The database is a dedicated type.

atlascli version is: 1.4.0

Hi @Ofek_Ifergan

cluster upgrade is to upgrade a cluser from a shared tier (M0 - M5) to a dedicated cluster (M10+).

You will want to use the cluster update command to change the tier on a dedicated instance.


It’s working now