model.Find By Id

exports.getViewownerdata = (req,res,next)=>
    const OwnerId= req.body._id;
    const mownername = req.body.ownername;
    const ownertype = req.body.ownertype;
    const owneraddress = req.body.owneraddress;
    const propertymanage = req.body.propertymanage;
                       owner.ownername = mownername;
                       owner.ownertype = ownertype;
                       owner.owneraddress = owneraddress;
                       owner.propertymanage = propertymanage;
                    .catch(err=> {
                     errormessage =err;

Hi @Rout_Jagan - welcome to community!

I can see the code you’ve posted, but you haven’t asked a question or stated what’s not working. If you’d like a response, please tell us what you want to know!

@Mark_Smith sir please reply

i want to fetch only one data/element of collection but it retrives all data.

for example : a user f_name ,l_name,age,mobilenumber are inserted in a single row/collection . i want to fetch each element by its id. i have tried in the above codes but i am unable to fetch it to show in the frontend/userside . please suggest me how to correct it. i am using mongoose,expressjs,pug with mvc.

I implemented a few examples with Node.js & MongoDB back in the days. It’s not with Mongoose but I hope this gives you some insights:

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