Mobile - MongoDB Realm - Sync Compatibility

Dear Team,

I am planning to implement the application using MongoDB. It contains Android app & Web app. In mobile app, I need real-time sync as well as offline functionality. I am planning to use MongoDB Realm Android SDK in mobile with sync implementation as mentioned in -

My question is -

  1. What are the server side databases we can use with this sync?
  2. In forum I can see we can use MongoDB Atlas (AWS cloud), but can I use normal MongoDB which will be hosted on our internal server?

Please let me know if you need any additional details.
Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Samir_Bukkawar!

Realm Sync is currently only available as a cloud service with MongoDB Atlas as the backing database.

MongoDB Realm has Application Development Services including features like triggers and functions that can be used for integration with other applications and APIs.

No, you cannot currently host your own Realm Sync service. There is a feedback request for an On-premise Solution that you can watch and upvote.