Missing Proxy Connection Settings in Java Drivers

Hi MongoDB Community,

I would be grateful for any help in clarifying why the MongoDB connection settings to connect via a Socks5 Proxy (“proxyHost” and “proxyPort”) are seemingly not available in the MongoDB java drivers. Also if there may be any known plans to add these settings?

The according connection settings can be found here:

But the settings are missing in the latest java drivers:

  • Connection Options — Java Sync
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This would be required to connect to a MongoDB ReplicaSet behind a Firewall, that can only be accessed through a tunneling service that acts as Socks5 proxy.

Thank you in advance and kr,

FYI I got the following answer from MongoDB support:

No; unfortunately, the options are not yet available in the Java driver.

Yes, there are plans to implement the options in the Java driver, but at this moment there is no estimated data we may provide. Once the feature is available, you would be able to see the details in the Java driver documentation page. Additionally, you may follow any public progress details looking at the ticket JAVA-4347.

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