minOpTimeRecovery document still points to old CSRS after migration

Hello, We have a sharded cluster with 3 shards. I wanted to migrate all the nodes to a different vpc. I introduced new nodes into the existing cluster replicasets one by one and shut the old nodes one by one. Everything is fine except that system.version minOpTimeRecovery document still has the old CSRS connection string in the field configsvrConnectionString(We were using IP addresses and not host names) in all replicasets and their members. I read primaries might reach out to CSRS using minOptimeRecovery document if it wants to get the config data changes(OpTime). Please let me know if minOpTimeRecovery document having old CSRS in its configsvrConnectionString is a issue. Is it fine if I manually update the configsvrConnectionString in the minOptimeRecovery document to the new CSRS? Any help is greatly appreciated.