Migrating to the new MongoDB University format


I first want to say, I really enjoy the University content and the new format you’re going for. :slight_smile:

I am currently working towards becoming a certified MongoDB developer (Associate Developer Certification), and have been following the learning path for NodeJS developer in the old MongoDB University format. So I just tried signing up for the new MongoDB University and noticed that my current active learning path is not really working. It also have not migrated all of my completed courses (like MM220JS). So I registered for the same learning path but in the new format and I now have two learning paths. However the new doesn’t recognize the old courses I completed for that learning path.

How does this migration work/will work at the 1st of December? Should I just start all over in the new format to be sure everything is registered correctly.

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Hey @Thor_Thyeborg_Lind,

Really glad to know you are enjoying our content and finding it useful. :smile:

The MongoDB Node.js Developer Path contains the new MongoDB Courses that have been recently launched along with the new university site. It includes all of the content from the Introduction to MongoDB plus the driver-specific(in this case, Node.js) content. This new learning path contains courses with fresh and most up-to-date content.

Are you continuing to take the path on the old platform or completely moved to the new platform? We are in process of migrating the progress of learners from the old university site to the new one(which is scheduled for Dec 1). So on 1st Dec, you should see your progress shift to the new LMS. But you would continue to see the two paths since they both contain different contents(the old path will contain old courses).

Although it’s up to you, it would be better to explore the new courses under the Node.js Developer Path since it contains up-to-date content and will contain courses that are specifically targeted at the Node.js driver. Furthermore, when you complete this learning path, you will receive 50% off an Associate Developer certification exam attempt. :smile:

Please let us know if you have any further questions. Feel free to reach out for anything else as well.


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Thanks for the detailed answer.

I think I will start over with the new learning path and maybe even the course just to try the new content. :slight_smile:

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