Migrating mongo from bitnami VM to Google kubernetes cluster

Hi folks,
I am having a Bitnami Mongo Vm running on Google cloud having some 100Gb data, i want to migrate this to kubernetes(GKE) mongo which I created with PSA mode. What should be the best way to do with min downtime (if possible) ?

@hardik_gulati The simplest way you could possibly do this and guarantee NO Downtime, is export all the data to a JSON file, or set of JSON files, and upload them to the new MongoDB cluster etc.

You can’t get more simpler than that, nor can you have a need to worry about downtime during the export as you can even break up the 100GBs into 2 and 5 GB chunks and send each JSON file over one at a time after it’s done whether manually, or by automated processes you design.