Migrating mongo community standalone to enterprise

We have a MongoDB 3.6.14 standalone community edition running on Linux Ubuntu 16.6. we have a requirement to upgrade it to Enterprise standalone in Linux only. I checked the document and got to know that I may have to upgrade the linux server for Mongo 6.0 as per the recommended platforms consideration. Would anyone of you guide me how to approach, plan for this migration and any other aspects we may would like to check.

Hi @Manish_Kumar9

If you are moving to Enterprise Advanced then your first step should be opening a support ticket with MongoDB Support

Using Cloud Manager or Ops Manager can make these MongoDB version upgrades easy as well as adding performance and monitoring metrics and alerting.

Adding additional nodes and converting to a replica set will minimise/eliminate downtime for the upgrades and could provide a cleaner path for OS upgrades.

Keep application drivers in mind and that their version is compatible with MongDB versions along the way.

  1. Upgrade as far as you can on current OS version
    Ubuntu 16.04 supports MongoDB version up to version 4.4
    Upgrade MongoDB 3.6.14 → 3.6.23 → 4.0.28 → 4.2.24 → 4.4.x1

  2. Upgrade OS to Ubuntu 20.04
    If using a replica set the option of a new install is available, As the new install can perform an initial sync off the other replica set members

  3. Ubuntu 20.04 will support 4.4 through to the upcoming 7.0
    Upgrade 4.4.x1 → 5.0.x1 → 6.0.x1

  4. Upgrade OS to Ubuntu 22.04
    This will support MongoDB versions 6.0 and the upcoming 7.0
    Really this is optional but will bring you up to date.

1 Use latest patch version available

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Many thanks for providing such detailed insights. I’m curious, if we were to set up a new Linux 20.4 server and install MongoDB 6 Enterprise Advanced from scratch, would it be possible to restore database backups taken using mongodump on version 3.6.14 Community Edition on 6.0 enterprise advanced ? The database size is 60 GB.

mongodump/mongorestore are intended to be run against the same major version as well as restoring using the same version that the dump was taken with.

Its possible you could have success but this is not a supported or recommended method of upgrading.

I should have also mentioned that you should read each versions release-notes for upgrade procedures. The upgrade to 4.0, for example, removes MONGODB-CR authentication. 4.2 removes MMAPv1 storage engine.

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