Migrate MongoDB from Google Cloud Platform to Microsoft Azure

HI Experts,

Seek your best advices and Ideas for migrating MongoDB databases data from GCP to Azure cloud. Size of data is nears to a petabyte. Please share your valuable suggestion based on your experiences and knowledge

Thanking you

Do not do it, without looking at Atlas, because it allows you to run transparently on both.

Cost might even be lower. See Not able to restore indexes using mongorestore

Thanks Steeve for the reply…

btw , I have verified using MongoBD Atlas there is a possibility to connect to GCP to fetch the data and copy data to Azure. Is this you are trying convey ? :slight_smile:

Yup, that’s totally possible indeed.

See Live Migrate Your Replica Set to Atlas.

With the live migration, you can directly create your new cluster in Azure, then activate the live migration to pump the data from your current cluster (where ever it is) and start the sync of your new cluster. It might take a bit of time with a PB of data… But as long as it can copy faster than you are writing in the prod cluster, it will eventually be in sync and you will be able to switch.

There is a specific doc to migrate sharded cluster: https://docs.atlas.mongodb.com/import/live-import-sharded/. As I guess you are not running a PB of data on a single Replica Set…

If your cluster was already on Atlas, it would be trivial (like 3/4 clics…) to migrate from GCP to Azure. Or you could even run a Multi-Cloud cluster across the 2 cloud provider and benefit from both if you wanted to.

Something to consider though: it might be easier to migrate from GCP (self service) to GCP on Atlas first (same region) so the sync with the live migration can benefit from the full transfer speed and reduce the time of sync. Then, once you are in Atlas, using the UI to migrate to Azure will be more simple and can be done step by step with the Multi-Cloud option to ease the transition.

I could also be completely wrong… I’ll try to find someone smarter than me to see what they think… :smiley: !

Let us know how it goes!! I want the end of this story :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: !