Migrate Kerberos library off of node-bindings

Hello, I was wondering if the team would be open to migrating off using TooTallNate/node-bindings for loading the kerberos node addon.

It appears the library has become unmaintained. We’re specifically running into issues with using webpack: Error.prepareStackTrace may not be called with webpack · Issue #61 · TooTallNate/node-bindings · GitHub and packaging for multiple target platforms: Add support for path based only on platform and architecture · Issue #79 · TooTallNate/node-bindings · GitHub

I noticed mongodb-js/kerberos is also using prebuild and prebuild-install from the prebuild project which recommends updating to using prebuildify paired with node-gyp-build.


Hi @Devraj_Mehta, and thank you for the great question. The recommendation you’ve made makes a lot of sense and I’ve captured it in NODE-5357 for the time being.

Feel free to watch that ticket in JIRA for further details as our engineering triage and refine it.

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Awesome, thanks for creating that!