Migrate app from one project to another project and bitbucket integration


I would like to know, if there is way to migrate a “app card” and all the details related to that app card
from one project to another project.

For example:
let’s assume I have 2 project named as “project_a” and “project_b” and
inside “project_a” under the “App service” tab we have app card named as “test_abc”.
(this “test_abc” contains all the required functions, triggers, etc…)
Now I want same app card “test_abc” in “project_b”.

There is a option to export the app as zip file, even after doing this how do I import the same zip file in other project…
(can also assume project_a would be something like “dev” environment and project_b would be “test” environment)

and can we integrate MongoDB with Bitbucket, if so kindly share details regarding the same.

Any help would be appreciated.