MERN Stack webpage typos


Feedback regarding this web page:
The page has 3 minor typos relating to AngularJS (presumably carried over from the MEAN page this was based upon) which should be replaced by React. Please proof read and update.

  • By making XML HTTP Requests (XHRs) or GETs or POSTs from your Angular.js front-end…
  • If your application stores any data (user profiles, content, comments, uploads, events, etc.), then you’re going to want a database that’s just as easy to work with as Angular, Express, and Node…
  • That’s where MongoDB comes in: JSON documents created in your Angular.js front end…

It was suggested via twitter to feedback here so that this can be fixed.

Jason King @jsonking

Welcome to the MongoDB community forum @Jason_King and thanks for the feedback (well spotted!).

I’ll pass those changes on to our web team to correct. It looks like those Angular references were indeed copied over from the original “MEAN Stack” page.


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