Mechanism like Hooks (also known as lifecycle events)

Hi! Is there a mechanism like Hooks (also known as lifecycle events), are which are called before and after calls in mongodb are executed. For example, if you want to escape all string in the JSON document then what would be the preferred mechanism to do this in MongoDB?

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There are several different ways to approach this:

  • Lifecycle events via your MongoDB driver or library. For example, the Mongoose Object-Data Mapper (ODM) framework for Node.js allows registration of middleware functions that can handle document, model, aggregation, and query events (pre and post).

    NOTE: This is closest to the use case you describe of cleaning up documents prior to saving them in your MongoDB deployment.

  • Tracking and reacting to real-time data changes for a MongoDB deployment via the Change Streams feature.

  • Executing Atlas Database Triggers for a MongoDB Atlas deployment. Atlas Triggers use change streams to implement data-driven interactions with server-side JavaScript functions that can be executed whenever a relevant document is added, updated, or removed in a linked Atlas cluster.

As noted above, I think you are looking for client-side middleware include pre and post event hooks. Those are typically added by frameworks that build on MongoDB drivers rather than being part of the core driver functionality, so I suggest looking into options for your language implementation of choice.



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