Maximum triggers

I have a M10 cluster running on Atlas and when I attempt to create more than 5 triggers I get the following error:

maximum database trigger count for cluster size='M0' is 5

This cluster was originally an M0 cluster but I upgraded it months ago for VPC Peering (which works). Why cant I create more than 5 triggers? What is the maximum number of triggers allowed on an M10 cluster?

Hi @Dev_Ops ,

You should not have this limit with M10.

I suggest you open a case with our support to resolve this.


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How do I contact support for this? I do not have a paid support plan and cannot find an obvious way to contact support.


Figured out how to contact support.

In case anyone else has the same issue here are the steps to resolve:

Go to the Realm Tab
Click on the Triggers_RealmApp
On the Left Panel, under Manage select Linked Data Sources
Select you cluster
Change the MongoDB Connection String to ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’
Click Save
Change the MongoDB Connection String back to the way it was before

This essentially causes the Realm app to refresh your cluster settings and get the right cluster tier.


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