MAUI estimated time to arrival?

Can someone tell me when will MAUI Realm relesed?
1-2 month or more?

What exactly are you looking for when you say MAUI Realm? The current version of the SDK should work with MAUI as its binding engine is based on INotifyPropertyChanged, which we integrate with already. So the base functionality should be there. There are certain features of MAUI which we don’t support yet - such as hot reload and compiled two-way automatic bindings. We hope to support them for MAUI GA, but we can’t make hard promises as the last time I tried hot reload was horribly broken, which means I don’t even know what it would take to support it. So I know it’s a super vague answer, but we’ll try to add support for features as soon as they actually work with the strong desire to have a fully fleshed-out product by GA.


This is good news that you do plan to have Realm fully support .Net MAUI. I would love to really start upgrading my XF Realm project I’ve worked on for a number of years, but trying to add the existing Realm to MAUI causes the MacCatalyst dependencies to flag an error. (This may be because one or more of Realm’s dependencies cannot be supported.) Therefore I cannot even really begin until that is cured. Hope compatibility comes sooner rather than later, but I can imagine how much work that will be. Thank you for your kind efforts.

Ah, I see. Unfortunately, we don’t support Catalyst yet. You can only deploy on one of our supported targets listed here.