Many to many relationship <Avoid Unbounded Arrays (16mb)> issue

Hey there,

I am facing one issue regarding to many to many relationship in Mongo collections.
Brief: I have jobs collection and it has reference to employee collection, as an array, and vice versa.

My Job Schema Mongoose (part of it)
candidates: [{
type: mongoose.SchemaTypes.ObjectId,
ref: ‘Employee’,
In my Employee Collection (part of it)
I have ref to jobs, so Employee contains applied jobs as array of jobs.
applied_jobs: [{
type: mongoose.SchemaTypes.ObjectId,
ref: ‘Job’,

In this case I got many-to-many relationshop. I know about rule < Avoid Unbounded Arrays > 16mb
But how can I avoid it in this scenario. Nice to hear any suggestions.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: