Managing code with multiple realms

My app is planned to manage personal data, groups data and publish data. This means many realm instance to initialize and manage. This also means for any search query I need to search all realms one by one. Should I keep an array of realms? is that a best practice? maybe the newly Flexible sync method is better for this? (this is not production yet so I can choose it).

Hi @donut,

If your app is not yet in production I’d really suggest to take a look at flexible sync, as it would really help you to simplify your use of realms. Flexible sync is also still in beta, but if you want an easier management, that’s the way to go.
The good part about flexible sync is that you can keep one single realm and subscribe to all the queries you’re interested into. You can find more info here and here.

Thank you!
Can you point me to documentation about how to set up and manage permissions?


you can read about it here.