Málaga Mobile / From Mobile to MongoDB: store your app's data using Realm

Málaga Mobile / From Mobile to MongoDB: store your app’s data using Realm

Storing data locally in a mobile device has many challenges: designing a good data layer, taking care of multithreading, transactions, errors… and if you want to store that data in the cloud? Offline state management, REST or GraphQL API calls, JSON parsing, etc. Why not use Realm, get all the infrastructure code you need for free and focus on your app’s features?

In this session we’ll share several code samples, for Android, KMM and iOS, and develop a local app that stores data using Realm.


Event Type: In-Person
Location: Innovation Hub Vodafone C. Explanada de la Estación, 9 · Málaga, AN

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Diego Freniche

Developer Advocate

Started with an AMSTRAD CPC in 88. Retrocomputer collector in recovery. 30+ years of commbined experience: programmer, team lead, teacher, writer, content creator, speaker. Mostly Swift + Rust these days

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