Major different between Mongodb and microsoft SQL server

Hi Team,

Could you please elaborate 10 points or more Difference between Mongodb and microsoft SQL Server , why All are preferred Mongodb other than RDBMS

Hi @hari_dba,

It surely depends upon the use cases.
For more info and differences kindly refer to this medium article.

In case of any further questions, feel free to reach out.


I do not think I have 10 but here what I have:

  1. not sql
  2. no schema
    2a. no migration script when the schema change B-)
    2b. ease of deployment because the code IS the schema
    2c. no overhead to experiment, test or prototype ideas
  3. not microsoft
  4. JSON

Hi @hari_dba,

Can you give a little more context on what your use case is or what you are planning to build? I could think of many points to answer in terms of differences but they are all context dependant and are probably better asked in a general forum rather than in a course forum. Do you have a specific question around M100 that we can address or clarify in terms of why you want more elaboration on these differences or is there an improvement to a lesson or indeed a new lesson you think might be useful to add to this course?

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