M201: MongoDB Performance - infinite loading loop

Hi staff and fellow students,

I’m from Italy and I’m currently attending the live lessons in order to achieve the MongoDB Certification. I’m studying beforehand some of the courses of the University and I’ve found some issues in loading the one in the subject.
I’ve tried both with Mozilla and Chrome (latest versions) on different computers and the page bounces between URL(1) MongoDB Courses and Trainings | MongoDB University and URL(2)
Cloud: MongoDB Cloud. I’m logged in with my Google Account both in Atlas and the University, so I’ve no idea of what the issue could be. How can I solve this matter?
Thanks for listening,


Same problem here, tried with Chrome and Safari :frowning_face:

I’d guess it’s not an issue on the browser side

Hi, ultimately I was able to follow the course on a private browsing tab in Chrome.

It also worked in Microsoft Edge

same issue happens with on chrome, firefox and edge

I see the same. Unable to access the course M201.

Any updates? Facing the same for both M201 and M312…

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