M001 - week 1 assignment

I have watched every video, completed every lab and answered every question, but still, I have received an email saying that my assignment is not submitted yet.

am I missing something?

I have the same experience here. Do we really have an assignment for M001? Thank you!

HI, I am having the same issue. Where is the assignment?

The assignments are the labs.

You can view your progress by clicking “Progress” at the top of the course. This will show you bar graphs of all the assignments and the final exam. You should be able to identify the lab(s) that you have not done yet for the week we’re in.

In the red box, the button/link you’ll need. In the blue box the labs for the first week.


HI Tess
thank you very much

Did you find which one you were missing?

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Yes, actually I did all the first assignment. Now I have to do the second one. I thought I still had to complete the first one, that’s why I thought I missed out something. I am doing the second one now and I hope to finish it for next Tuesday.
Thank you very much for your help


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I don’t see any progress bar on top of my course. I have only ‘courses’ , ‘overview’ and ‘discussion’ tab in my course. how to find the assignment section to complete?

@pankaj182 I believe “overview” has the overall completion information now.



on top of the course my screen shows the following options:
Course Overview Discussion. I cannot find the Progress part as shown on the screenshot you provided. Where do I find it?

just found it under the Overview. Thank you Mike


Yep, they’ve changed that recently.

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I have a question regarding the week one assignments. Is it possible to unlock/make up the week one assignments?

I am afraid not. :frowning:

If you have passed the deadline, you won’t be able to submit the assignments again. :frowning:


Hi Paul,

I am in a similar situation whereby I started late due to other commitments but came to realise that the assessments are time bound, hence unable to submit the week 1 assessment. I would request the course admin to consider in future to allow submission as long as the course is active.

Thank you.

Hi All, I have one pending assignment for Week1, but I’m not able to select the answer. Can anyone help here?

Hi janani_raghupathy,

You are not able to submit as the deadline has been passed. And you won’t be able to submit any Graded Assignments after that. :frowning:


i am facing issue to understand question. can anyone help me out for same?

A option because there is are only those coordinate found.

Hi @My_yaks0786,

I can see that you have successfully submitted the answer for this lab.
If you have any further doubts regarding this lab or any other queries, please let me know.