M001:MongoDB Documents: Geospatial Data

Why Position:TYPE is not showing as one of the valuetypes in schema view?
why only coodinates it showing as a value type?

Hi @Sakshi_Saxena,

Thanks for surfacing this. Let me sync with the Compass team. I will get back to you shortly.

~ Shubham

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I think type:“Point” is basically what makes it Geospatial data. I work on geospatial data. There are various type of geospatial data types like point, linestring, polygon. This defines the shape of the geospatial data. The type point define what shape would be shown on the map. As you can see the data is displayed in the form of points on the map.

I think compass work this way. further @Shubham_Ranjan can verify this.

Hi @Rabia_Naz_Khan,

Yes, that’s correct.

I had made a post earlier on a similar topic here. Not every form of data is directly supported.

Also check this resource : Analyze Your Data Schema

~ Shubham