M001 Ch2 start sanbox question

In M001 Ch2, after created sanbox cluster, how i can find that line to start sandbox ?

It must have been explained in lecture
"Detailed instructions for creating a sandbox cluster can be found in the lab immediately " following this lesson.
Please check our forums
There are snapshots on how to get the string

i’m little confused with the command used in video lecture of ch2: Connecting to Your Sandbox Cluster from the mongo Shell at 2:40min is diifferent from the command that was visible to me
for the same process. please tell me weather to use this command or not.
command: mongo “mongodb+srv://sandbox-xnm14.mongodb.net/test” --username m001-student

Please use the string you got and connect and check
Sandbox cluster is your own cluster

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after running the command i got this result and its showing an error in the second last line.
does this error has any effect on lessons ahead.

It won’t affect your work
It is just a warning that user m001-student has limited privileges and he cannot query or do any work on admin DB

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Hi @Prajjval_62340,

Please go through following post to get more information about the Connection String formats:

I hope it helps!!

Let me know, if you have any doubt.


No, that is NOT the connect string I used.

@Sonali_Mamgain I used [DNS Seedlist Connection Format] for the connection because it was visible to me not the standard one and its working fine, the user I created in my sandbox cluster has read and write to any database permission. Now my question is it going to affect in my work in future lessons

Hi @Prajjval_62340,

No, definitely not!!

You can proceed to further lessons and lab.

If you have any doubts in future, please let me know.

Happy Learning!!