M0 creation issue

The M0 issue happens even when trying to create a fresh cluster.

Hi @Sofiane_Chaieb,

Could you provide some further details regarding this post including:

  1. Full error message
  2. How you are attempting to create the M0 cluster (UI, API, terraform, etc)
  3. Any relevant steps / code snippets associated with question 2.


Hi @Jason_Tran,

The issue is discussed here: MongoDB::Atlas::Cluster doesn't expose all ProviderSettings available in Atlas API · Issue #22 · mongodb/mongodbatlas-cloudformation-resources · GitHub

  1. Error Message: 400 (request "INVALID_ENUM_VALUE") An invalid enumeration value M0 was specified
  2. The platform is AWS Cloudformation, the Resource Name is 'MongoDB::Atlas::Cluster'
  3. Here is the documentation of how it should be done: mongodbatlas-cloudformation-resources/cluster.json at master · mongodb/mongodbatlas-cloudformation-resources · GitHub and here is my snippet of code trying to use a M0 instance:
    Type: 'MongoDB::Atlas::Cluster'
      ProjectId: !GetAtt 
        - AtlasProject
        - Id
      Name: !Ref AtlasClusterName
      Profile: !Ref ProfileKey
      ClusterType: REPLICASET
        - NumShards: '1'
            - ElectableSpecs:
                EbsVolumeType: STANDARD
                InstanceSize: M0
                NodeCount: '3'
              RegionName: US_EAST_1