LUKS encryption on MongoDB data partition


  • Redhat 8
  • MongoDB 4.2 (sharded cluster)

We want to have our MongoDB data stored on a LUKS encrypted partition. The servers have NVMe SSD drives. Are there any gotchas to be aware of? Or would it just be expected to work? I understand that there will be some level of performance impact, but I’m trying to get a sense if using LUKS will make MongoDB practically unusable.

Hi @AmitG,

LUKS and other disk encryption methods should be transparent to applications like MongoDB, but performance outcomes will depend on your workload and hardware resources.

The MongoDB server isn’t explicitly tested with LUKS, but there haven’t been any reports of significant problems that would lead to caveats in our MongoDB Production Notes.

MongoDB’s supported solution for encryption at rest is the Encrypted Storage Engine available in MongoDB Enterprise Server.


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